Instant Nails Solvent Free Grab Adhesive 290ml


Product Details:

  • Quick grab
  • Over paintable
  • High strength
  • Solvent free
  • Interior and exterior use

Use this Instant Nails adhesive for gap-filling and sticking everything from wood and metal to glass and concrete. This product eliminates the need for mechanical fixings. Whether you’re sticking wall claddings or bonding carpet gripper systems to floors, this sealant has you covered.

The quick grab solution helps the solvent adhere to most common surfaces almost instantly. A high-strength bond that works fast means you can use it in vertical and horizontal positions. Plus, residue clean-up is a breeze as you just need water for the job. Once the adhesive dries, you can paint over it so it looks neat and clean. The solvent-free formula leaves less odour and is more environment-friendly. Instant Nails adhesive can be used externally as well as internally, but due to it being an acrylic, it is best used in dry areas and not areas prone to damp or constant water.

  • Dries white
  • Will adhere to most common surfaces including damp surfaces
  • Suitable for use on wood, plasterboard, stone and concrete
  • Application temperature range of +4°C to +40°C
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